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Yancheng Chaina Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
Spice products
Natural alcohol series
Natural acid series
Natural ester series
Natural aldehyde series
Daily perfume series
Pharmaceutical intermediates\APIs
Food additives
Custom processing services
   Natural Hexyl Alcohol
   Allyl amyl glycolate
   Diethyl aminomalonate hydrochl
   Propionic acid

Yancheng Chaina Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.founded in 1996,with registered capital 12 million yuan, covers an area of 36 thousand square meters, and the construction area is 8600 square meters.

Located in Aoyang Industrial Park in Funing County,Yancheng City.With Coastal Express Way in the east, Xin-Chang Railway in the west, Ninglian,Beijing-Shanghai Express way in the west, our company has a convenient transportation facilities.

Dedicating to the research, manufacturing and marketing, we specialized in the research and manufacturing of high-pure natural flavor monomers and pharmaceutical intermediates. Our products include totally over 200 kinds. Our annual output is over 3 thousand tons.

Through cooperation with universities and collages, we have developed into the largest national base of natural aldehydes. Our annual output of 3-Methylbutyraldehyde is 2000 tons, natural 2-Methylbutyraldehyde 100 tons, natural butyraldehyde 200 tons.

Our company has established long-term relationship with flavor research institutes in Nanjing university of technology. On the basis of their strong technological force,we are endeavoring to improve the original process, constantly upgrading the testing method, and actively develop new products with international advanced level.We will ensure the stability of our products,pure flavor and make sure the quality of our products confirm the international FCC standard and in the meanwhile higher than domestic industry standard.

Our company has passed the China Commodity Inspection Certification Group ISO9001:2000 standard quality management system certification and Issued by national 2009 certificate of food additives, in line with international standards of quality management.

With strict management, with the principle of "sincere and honest",sticking to the philosophy of "Pursuing of the best instead of the largest", we sincerely provide you with the complete,fast,professional and safe product,service and technology.

We will further expand the scale of the company in the near future, We'd like to establish cooperative relationship with foreign friends, and make development together, to make great achievement within the industry.

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